Standing Together With the Lakota Against the “Rainbow’ Gathering in the Black Hills



Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand has spoken on behalf of the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council, as their elected leader, that the “Rainbow Family” gathering is not welcome in the Black Hills.

He has called upon the Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society to enforce this decision and remove those participating in the gathering from Lakota territory. He has asked his nephew and Strong Heart headman, Canupa Gluha Mani to stand with James Swan in moving forward in this call of action, and with the Lakota Nation itself, to enforce international treaty law.

The warriors have been moving around the clock fulfilling the call of duty to serve their nation’s poor and impoverished people within the Great Sioux Nation. Many have tried to undermine this honorable stance as a result of division taking place within the nation – division driven by U.S. policies and personal agendas. Even short-sighted  members of the American Indian Movement have condemned them for making this stand on behalf of the Lakota nation’s poor and innocent grassroots peoples.

The historical use of intoxicants as a weapon to dull our people’s ability to preserve Lakota land and culture is well documented, as is our resistance to the disease of alcohol and drugs in our protests in White Clay, Nebraska.  One of the calls to action in this struggle in the Black Hills is to discipline and sanction the use of all drugs and alcohol within the territorial boundaries of Lakota’s international treaty lands as historically recognized and enforced by Lakota warriors and activists to protect Lakota people.

But the Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) Council – the corrupt puppet government of the United States – wants to legalize the sale of marijuana and alcohol within the reservation known as Pine Ridge, allowing a massive underground drug and bootlegging trade to operate in the open.  Members from the OST council have met with marijuana growers, and individuals colluding with the U.S. Government, that are doubling or posing as Rainbow Family.

The reasons for this meeting seem clear: to help further one another’s agenda.  The growers can use the “legitimacy” of the tribal government’s word to justify their dishonorable presence in the Black Hills and make a profit from current and future pot sales.  They have launched their own dis-information campaign to draw more people to the Black Hills and are even using Lakota youth to serve as “Rainbow ambassadors” to bring in more Lakota from the reservations.

The OST stands to profit by endorsing the Rainbow gathering. They earn support for legalization efforts, and make future business contacts for the web of drug gangs that use the OST for protection and funding. This so-called “government” is once again putting the desires and profits of individuals over the well-being of a nation.

The U.S. Government benefits by creating chaos and division within the Lakota nation and openly supporting OST’s dismissal of traditional Lakota people and their free and independent status. This erodes critical efforts at tribal sovereignty, preservation of language and culture, and reduces efforts at protecting innocent people from the damaging effects of corporate resource extraction and pipeline projects.

We also know of at least two other tribal members who are not a part of the tribal government who have been spreading lies about the motives of Strong Heart and aligning themselves against the wishes of the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council. They have brazenly spread the message it is alright to gather in the Black Hills without following traditional protocol. These persons should be held accountable for the act of bringing destruction on their own tribal members, including their own youth, in the quest for personal recognition or gain.

We are asking for the public to call Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand at 605-867-5762 and give him support and encouragement in sanctioning the following individuals who have sold out their people. These people are encouraging division and the disrespect of traditional protocols that protect a nation. Their unwise and unhealthy actions cannot continue to go on without comment. These individuals are:

John Yellow Bird Steele
Alex White Plume
Regina Brave
Leonard Little Finger
Russell Eagle Bear
Dennis Tacos Yellow Thunder
Michael Catches the Enemy
Garvard Good Plume
Leo Cordier
Storm Harris
Jess Rowland
James Hawk
Harold One Feather

We also call upon the Treaty Councils of the Great Sioux Nation, and other Indigenous nations, to stand with the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council in sanctioning these individuals above who have acted in detriment to the well-being of the Lakota Nation.   Contact Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand at 605-867-5762 with your support.

Sadly, the Great Sioux Nation has already allowed one eastern sister band to legalize marijuana in detriment to it’s own people. This legislation only adds to the devastating drug addiction epidemic that is present in these regions and is killing our people. How can we preserve our beautiful Lakota culture if we are despondent, dull, and distanced from ourselves through drugs and alcohol?


For those who consider themselves as American People, we ask you to consider these words and forward this message to your family, friends, and organizations:

As Americans, when will we stand together to stop the uncaring attitudes and behaviors that forces this country’s own indigenous people to kill each other?  When is enough, enough?  When do we accept the shame for killing off our last indigenous peoples that have done no wrong to our grandfathers and grandmothers, or our children?  If we are honest, we as Americans are to blame regardless of what side of the fence we stand on. Regardless of our political affiliation, we urge other Americans to take a stand and fight the real fight to save the indigenous peoples and their homeland. If we are really true patriotic Americans then lets act like real Americans and stop all of this racial bigotry that we impose upon the last real remaining freedom fighters that have done no wrong to us.

Remember, the violation of traditional Lakota cultural protocols is what escalated into the illegal entry into the Black Hills of this gathering – what can be seen as delinquent youth and arrogant individuals taking the lead of false Rainbow leaders. This has turned into something quite different than a gathering about “love” and “peace” with long-time Rainbow founders and participants openly denouncing what is happening in the Black Hills.  The disrespectful and manipulative actions of a few rainbow Americans, coupled with the promise of profits from pot sales, are causing trauma and turmoil to Native nations who have done nothing to us, and simply wish to be left alone. As  tax-paying Americans we have a responsibility because we helped create this problem. The only ones we see staying true to their belief so far, are the real warriors that are fighting the real fight against their own destruction.  We must support them.

How can we help? One thing that can be done is to call Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand at 605-867-5762 and ask him to sanction the people listed in this letter for selling out their own people. The people on the OST tribal council have sold out their people by ignoring the Lakota nation’s free and independent status and seemingly accepted bribes from pot growers with a personal agenda.

Other individuals that have sided with the fake “rainbow” gathering in the Black Hills are doing their own part to undermine the Lakota nation’s free and independent status whether it be willingly, or not.  They must also be held accountable.

Let’s call our Senators and Representatives and tell them we support the Lakota asserting their sovereign rights in the Black Hills to protect their people.  We stand with them.

  • Senator John Thune phone in Rapid City is  (605) 348-7551. His toll-free number is (866) 850-3855
  • Senator MIke Rounds phone in Rapid City is (605) 343-5035. His toll-free number is (844) 875-5268
  • Representative Kristi Noem in Rapid City is (605) 791-4673. Her toll-free number is (855) 225-2801

If we stand together, we can stop this fake “rainbow” gathering and support the traditional Lakota people.  It’s the right thing to do.