Strong Heart Letter to All Lakota People

Strong Heart Warrior Society Letter to All Lakota People

June 27, 1015

The Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society took on this fight for the elders and people against the group known as the “Rainbow Family” who planned to bring up to 20,000 people into our sacred Black Hills. These Rainbow gatherings are well known for drug use, playing indian by stealing Indigenous culture, and they have desecrated the burial places and sacred sites of other nations.

This Rainbow Family has entered our sacred hills as warriors of alcohol and drugs, protecting the white man and his drug business while refusing to get permission from our real Lakota people. And these Rainbow warriors have mocked, threatened, and ridiculed Lakota elders and people with their white privilege while falsely claiming they represent love and peace.

This is a war being waged upon us by these Rainbow People. But our own Lakota people are absent in the defense of our sacred hills. The grandmothers of yesterday are not the grandmothers of today.

The reason for that is the majority is these grandmothers are the boarding school grandmothers. The grandmothers of the boarding school abuse continue this pain by inflicting this abuse upon their grandkids. Instead of listening to the grandmothers, this makes the grandkids run away to become junkies and alcoholics. And you see this all across the nine reservations today.

Remember this when all of these young women choose their belonging to drugs and alcohol rather than speaking out against the things that don’t belong to us. A real woman at least gives responsibility to the children she raised rather than allowing them to be destroyed by the white man and his euro-centric disorder.

I, Canupa Gluha Mani, stand on that principal because not only are drugs and alcohol the epidemics of the grandchildren – we are also epidemics of the abuse.

Many native nations struggle so hard to understand this colonized adoption of eurocentric mindsets. But as Lakota people it’s about how white America continues to use forced penetration of this modern abuse that neutralizes us as a people to be Lakota.

You can have education. You can have computer technology. You can have everything that gives you the western conveniences. You can have everything that belongs to the white man but that’s still not enough to make you a Lakota.

A Lakota is a Lakota when you understand the word. A half-breed is a half-breed when you understand that word. In reality, if the Lakota is real inside of who we are – whether as half-breed or Lakota – we would put the Lakota first regardless of what anyone says.

Attending all of the sundances going on in our country doesn’t make you Lakota, no matter how many times you dance or how many times you pierce. No matter how many times you sweat in our sacred lodge- it doesn’t make you Lakota. We use these things for our own selves, not as Lakotas. So the way we use these things makes you a white man – think about it.

It’s the continued way of the half-breeds and white people going against the real traditional minded people – the real traditional people – that’s where the fight is at. If the Black Hills is sacred to us, then and only then can we really go home and get inside here. You don’t have to use the white man to do anything for you. You don’t have to ask his permission. We do it for ourselves.

Our ancestors have done that. Many times our ancestors stood up to the white man, because they are Lakota. Today, we are so brainwashed due to this catholic christian upbringing that now we have become just like the white man and we defer to him at every turn.

Let’s look at this word “peace.” If we ever had it before, we would still be living by it today.  But the Lakota people have always been warriors – you can’t change that. And a warrior is not a drunk, and a warrior is not a person who continues to use drugs or any substance they think is good for them. That’s what a white man does. The only people the drug users care about are each other. They protect each other as they are doing now through the same old lies, rumors, and divisions. And that’s what the white man has created in us.

When you understand about the Canupa Wakan – when you understand who you are with your own heart – then you finally come to terms with the understanding that you are a real human being and not a white man. That is the identity of the problem we must face.

Crazy Horse never went into battle smoking weed. Sitting Bull never had a gallon of wine or whisky to have a vision quest. These substances were all brought and forced upon our people. Many white people knew the way to get the indians was to neutralize their own power as indians, and replace it with with the eurocentric bipolar disorder power known as white-think.

The Rainbow People have always lied to us. They have always lied because that’s what the white man does. These Rainbows are not using our own people to stand with you as Lakotas and make achievement in our country. Instead they are making our people turn against us, so they too are condemning us for what is important. Because of this, the warriors of today, without the need of alcohol and drugs, are struggling to remain the warriors of tomorrow.

There should he multitudes of us over here in the Black Hills but because of in-house jealousy and fighting there is none. The white man and his little brother called the half-breeds are the reason why real Lakotas can never get together.

If the Great Mystery wanted us to teach the white man how to use our sacred pipe, he would have told us that, but he didn’t. If he told those half-breeds to listen to the elders, he would have told them that, but he didn’t. The half-breeds have come from the forced penetration act of the white man, and if they cannot put the Lakota inside them first, they become just like the white man. Anything goes with their versions of love, peace, and spirituality – the same way these Rainbows created their so-called family.

It doesn’t take education to understand that – it takes a heart to understand that. But if your heart is dead because of alcohol and drugs, the only thing you can repeat out of your mouth is hatred for your own people.

Many years ago I faced this too.  I drank but I never used drugs. Despite this, I never went against the belief of my own people. It didn’t take me very long to sober up. It was easy to see where I needed to be for the purpose of my people, not for the purpose of alcohol and drugs.

Remember a Lakota is a Lakota, a half-breed is a half-breed, a white man is a white man, and nothing can change that. If you want alcohol and drugs then go live with the white race and accept his way of life and his white privilege. Quit bitching at people who are trying to save the future generations that are coming.

We may be elders who come from that abusive era, but we will be the elders of tomorrow who still maintain fairness and balance. And we will be like the elders of yesterday who knew how to live with real love in our hearts. And we will be the elders who put their real responsibility before our people.

Remember it is not about the Rainbow People, it’s not about America, and it’s not about the Tribal Government. We know these enemies. It’s about the real Lakota – our poor Lakota people who have nothing – and the land we care for.

The United Nations has recognized our love for the people and the land we care for by giving Strong Heart the flag of the United Nations. This shows all of what we have achieved for our people and all Red Nations. We have rights to our land. The land is ours. All we have to do is come back.

Hoka hey!