Desperate Oglala Sioux Tribe Serves Inedible Meal to Elders

America: would you feed this to your own grandmothers that you are supposed to care for and love –  much less feed your own children with it?”   Canupa Gluha Mani, Strong Heart headman

The Oglala SIoux Tribe (OST) is getting desperate. Following the November 4th Action Alert by Strong Heart detailing OST interference in the Porcupine Meals for the Elderly Program that fired respected Site Director Mary Felicia and left over 150 elders without food or services – the tribe rushed to make meals for the angry and concerned elderlies.

The result was an inedible meal that included a pale looking hot dog, lots of carbohydrates, and something that looks like a sugary fruit cup.  Porcupine elders and their warrior defenders are extremely upset by this disrespectful and pathetic attempt at “CYA” by District and OST officials.  This does not meet the nutritional requirements or the cultural food needs of these elders, some of whom are in fragile health, have diabetes, and need hot, high protein food to stay healthy. Clearly, the OST just doesn’t care.

But Strong Heart does, and we are in the elder’s corner!