Wowasakeikcupi: Strong Heart Releases Matriarchal Supremacy Clause

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Independent Lakota Nation Releases Matriarchal Supremacy Clause to Protect Grassroots Lakota Grandmothers and Elders

Customary Practices Must Be Enforced to End Abuse Against Pine Ridge Elders

Pine Ridge Reservation, SD – On Monday, the Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Independent Lakota Nation released a set of thirteen customary practices to wowasakeikcupi or return matriarchal leadership and enforce respect of respectful grassroots Lakota elders by those within the Lakota Nation, including the corrupt Bureau of Indian Affairs Oglala Sioux Tribe Government (OST). The term “respectful” is used to mean those traditional and grassroots elders of customary age who are the remaining Lakota language speakers and culture holders and the heart of the Lakota Nation itself.

“Since time immemorial, the matriarchal system has been in place and we keep utilizing that intention for our women,” said Strong Heart headman Canupa Gluha Mani. “So any law derived from a white-privileged, euro-centric government like the OST will never ever override the matriarchal system.”

Release of the Supremacy Clause comes as grassroots elders on the Pine Ridge Reservation find themselves under terroristic attack yet again by corrupt individuals and families that run the Oglala Sioux Tribe Council, Executive Council, and many reservation wide and district committees.

Most recently, corrupt OST officials gathered in a secret meeting and terminated respected Lakota elder Mary Felicia on November 3rd from her job as Site Director and cook for the Meals for the Elderly program in the Porcupine District. Though she did nothing wrong, Mary was fired for speaking out against corruption and her association with Strong Heart.

This is the same Elderly Meals program that was taken over by the elders in March 2011 for thirty-seven days to protest elder abuse, neglect, theft of funds intended for elderly programs, and the systematic denial of elder’s input into the internal affairs of the OST and the welfare of the Lakota people.

Since the building locks were changed on Monday November 3, over 150 elders have been locked out from hot healthy food and safe social gathering space. Flu shots for the elderly and poor have also been delayed or cancelled. Programs to aid Lakota foster children and veterans have been interrupted.

Porcupine elders are demanding that Mary Felicia be reinstated as Site Manager and Cook, and that the customary provisions of the Matriarchal Supremacy Clause are enforced.

The Lakota Strong Heart are deeply concerned that the continued abuse, neglect, and threats towards grassroots elders will result in more deaths to the dwindling number of Lakota language speakers who hold the knowledge to preserve culture and custom for present and future generations.

“The Strong Heart have a saying that a nation is conquered when the heartbeats of our women are under the ground. But it has never happened which is why our independent status still exists,“ Canupa Gluha Mani explained.