Grassroots Lakota Elders Release Action Statement on Crisis in Elderly Meals

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Grassroots Lakota Elders Release Public Action Statement on Crisis in Elderly Meals

Corrupt OST Officials Continue to Abuse, Neglect and Retaliate Against Outspoken Elders
Pine Ridge Reservation, SD – On Monday evening November 9, 2015, Porcupine District and Pine Ridge elderlies released the following action letter regarding the politically motivated defamation and termination of Site Manager/Cook Mary Horse Felicia, and the shutting of the Porcupine Elderly Meals Program by Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) and Porcupine District officials:



To whom it may concern:

Elderly meeting was held on this day, 11/09/2015. Discussion was held to have the executive director, Darrell Tiger Brown Bull and the [OST} Health and Human Services Committee support the elderly of Porcupine district, and the elderly group want to have Mary Felicia be reinstated back to work immediately. We the elderly would like to have this issue resolved immediately.

This is the same Elderly Meals program that was taken over by the elders in March 2011 for thirty-seven days to protest elder abuse, neglect, theft of funds intended for elderly programs, and the systematic denial of elder’s input into the internal affairs of the OST and the welfare of the Lakota people.

Since the building locks were changed on Monday November 3, over 150 elders per-day have been locked out from hot healthy food and safe social gathering space. Flu shots for the elderly and poor have also been delayed or cancelled. Programs to aid Lakota foster children and veterans have been interrupted.

To defend Lakota elders and end years of persistent elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation by corrupt individuals and families that control the OST, the Strong Heart Warrior Society has issued the Wowasakeikcupi: Matriarchal Supremacy Clause – a set of customary provisions and common-sense practices regarding treatment of the elders and placing control of the Elderly Meals program into elder’s hands. These provisions are based on Lakota customary practice and are intended to protect and give power to respectful matriarchal elders who maintain Lakota language and cultural institutions


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