Grassroots Lakota Elders Give Oglala Sioux Tribe 1pm Friday Deadline for Elderly Meals Site Manager Reinstatement, Defy Retaliatory Abuse

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Grassroots Lakota Elders Give Oglala Sioux Tribe 1pm Friday Deadline for Elderly Meals Site Manager Reinstatement, Defy Retaliatory Abuse

Pine Ridge Reservation, SD – On Wednesday, Porcupine District elders issued a 1pm Friday deadline for the reinstatement of Meals for the Elderly Site Manager and Cook, Mary Horse Felicia, to her former position following her politically motivated termination by Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) officials on November 2nd. Elders asked for public attention to the November 9th Action Letter issued to Oglala Sioux Tribe:


To whom it may concern:
Elderly meeting was held on this day, 11/09/2015. Discussion was held to have the executive director, Darrell Tiger Brown Bull and the [OST} Health and Human Services Committee support the elderly of Porcupine district, and the elderly group want to have Mary Felicia be reinstated back to work immediately. We the elderly would like to have this issue resolved immediately.

In a Tuesday meeting with Porcupine elders, OST President John Steele with support from a majority of the OST Tribal Council promised to reinstate Mary Felecia to her post. But typical of the corrupt system on Pine Ridge, while Felicia’s firing occurred in a matter of hours, her reinstatement had yet to happen by Thursday afternoon. This game-playing by corrupt officials has prompted the elders to enforce the Friday deadline.

Elders are also facing retaliatory action by OST officials. On Wednesday, Meals for the Elderly staff reported Federal Monitor Beverly Tuttle threatened to contact West Regional Behavioral Health Center in attempt to commit outspoken elders into the State mental health system. Tuttle was overheard saying that:

These elders don’t know what they are doing…a lot of them are senile. They keep that up we can make referrals to the state elderly program and they can take them and put them in homes – end of story! The State can step in and take elders whenever they want to. The families should be glad. You should appreciate it before we put them in the jail or the old age home.

Since Felicia’s termination, the Meals for the Elderly program has been in disarray. Wednesday afternoon, five elders were turned away from meals by the acting site manager.  Over 150 elders per-day have been locked out from hot healthy food and safe social gathering space. Flu shots for the elderly and poor have also been delayed or cancelled. Programs to aid Lakota foster children and veterans have been interrupted.

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