11/16/15 Action Alert! Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Elder Abuse Must End Now!

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November 16, 2015
For Immediate Release and Action! Please help and share widely!

Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Elder Abuse Must End Now!
No more empty promises! No more power games! No more lies! Change Must Happen in the Elderly Meals Program!

On November 11th, following outside pressure and scrutiny, Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) President John Steele promised Mary Felicia and others she would be back at work on the 12th following her politically motivated termination from her job as Site Director and cook for the Meals for the Elderly program in the Porcupine District. But this was an empty promise.

On the same day OST Executive Director Darrell “Tiger” Brown Bull created a memo saying Mary would be put back to work on November 23, and that she had been, “…selected for a temporary appointment…” and then told the U.S. Health and Human Services that there was never a promise of reinstatement on November 12th.

Mary Felicia attempted to return to work today November 16, but was turned away. Now a group of elders and their supporters are refusing the leave the Elderly Meals site and preparing to return hot, healthy meals and a safer, culturally appropriate environment for Porcupine elders.

But OST power-broker Faith Two Eagle and Brown Bull are directing OST police to harass and remove the elders. This is ELDER ABUSE! Faith Two Eagle, Tiger Brown Bull and the OST must cease and desist from these illegal and hurtful actions RIGHT NOW!

These empty promises, abusive power games, police threats, and lies must end right now! Elders on Pine Ridge MUST be respected and returned to their honorable and prominent position. In support of this, Porcupine elderlies released a set of demands on November 13th including the separation of the Elderly Meals program from OST control and political interference. The elders demand OST must draft and pass a resolution to this effect immediately!

Your emails and phone calls make a powerful difference! Please support grassroots Lakota elders by making as many of these contacts as possible.

Contact: John Steele, President of the BIA Oglala Sioux Tribe
Phone: 605-407-7497
Email: johns@oglala.org

  • Demand and end to any and all OST/BIA police monitoring, threats, or action against Porcupine elders and the Meals for the Elderly program.   Any person/s attempting to harass, threaten, or touch an elder is committing elder abuse and they must be arrested ON THE SPOT!

Contact: Michelle Rogers U.S. AOA Title VI Regional Office Representative for South Dakota
Phone: 303-844-7816
Email: michelle.rogers@acl.hhs.gov

  • Demand the U.S. Agency on Aging and Department of Health and Human Services investigate the Meals for the Elderly program on Pine Ridge and assist grassroots elders and the Strong Heart Warriors in creating an independent, culturally appropriate, elder-run program that meets their needs.

Contact: Tracy Toulou, Director for Tribal Justice in the U.S. Department of Justice.
Phone: 202-514-5994 and 202-514-8812
Email: Tracy.Toulou2@usdoj.gov

  • Demand that the Department of Justice begin a full and transparent investigation with audit into the conspiracy and corruption in the Oglala Sioux Tribe Government, no matter where it leads, and prosecution for those individuals and families responsible.

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