1/20/16 Action Alert: Pressure U.S. Officials to Investigate Lakota Elderly Meals Corruption!

For Immediate Release and Action! Please help and share widely!

Pressure U.S. Officials to Investigate Lakota Elderly Meals Corruption!

Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Actions are Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Murder!
United States Government has Treaty Obligations and Fiduciary Responsibility Over U.S. Tax Dollars to Tribe

 Seven grassroots Lakota elders  in the Porcupine District of Pine Ridge Reservation, backed by 100 more, have signed a letter demanding the United States Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice investigate the unlawful corruption and inhuman abuses in the Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) Meals for the Elderly Program on Pine Ridge. These abuses are resulting in delayed, denied, and unhealthy meals to disabled elders, including elderly with diabetes and heart disease during winter months when the temperature is regularly below zero.

Because these traditional and grassroots elders speak out against the inhuman conditions they face daily, they are subjected to ongoing abuse, neglect, lack of healthy food, physical and emotional threats, and retaliatory blacklisting from services necessary for life by corrupt OST and Porcupine District officials.

OST officials have been clear – they want these outspoken, elderly “troublemakers” GONE. So they lie to U.S. agencies and the media to sweep the corruption under the rug. These abuses and games are nothing less than a conspirarcy to commit murder.

Meanwhile, South Dakota Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds, along with Representative Kristi Noem, are refusing their legal obligations to monitor U.S. tax dollars given to the OST under treaty trust obligation. Lakota Cante Tenza warriors working on behalf of the elders have demanded Congressional and U.S. agency action, but despite physical evidence and years of mounting abuses – the U.S. does nothing. Failure to protect traditional and grassroots Lakota elders and people from a system of inhuman conditions leading to abuse and death is an act of genocide.

It’s time to stand closely with grassroots Lakota elders and people and bring accountibility to this situation. If the U.S. will do nothing, then the whole world must know. Please act now with the phone calls, emails, and faxes below!

Contact: Cynthia LaCounte, Director, Office for American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Programs, ACL/AOA, U.S. Department Health and Human Services
Phone: 202-357-0148
Email: Cynthia.LaCounte@acl.hhs.gov

  • Demand Ms. LaCounte keep her word and meet with the Porcupine elders. Demand she investigate the illegal fraud and abusive conditions of the Pine Ridge Meals for the Elderly Program and place the program under Independent Lakota Elder control.

Contact: Tracy Toulou, Director for Tribal Justice in the U.S. Department of Justice.
Phone: 202-514-5994 and 202-514-8812
Email: Tracy.Toulou2@usdoj.gov

  • Demand that the Department of Justice begin a full and transparent investigation with audit into the conspiracy and corruption in the Oglala Sioux Tribe Government, no matter where it leads, and prosecution for those individuals and families responsible.

Contact: South Dakota Senator John Thune
(ph) 605-348-7551   (fax) 202-228-5429
Legislative Contact: Ty_Littau@thune.senate.gov

Contact: South Dakota Senator Michael Rounds
(ph) 605-343-5035  (fax) 202-225-5823
Legislative Contact: peter_eckrich@rounds.senate.gov

Contact: U.S. House South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem
(ph) 605-791-4673 (fax) 202-224-7482
Legislative Contact: philip.maguire@mail.house.gov

  • Demand the Senators and Representative as trust representatives force Health and Human Services and Department of Justice to do their jobs to investigate and prosecute the fraudulent use and theft of U.S. tax dollars by the criminal individuals and families in the Oglala Sioux Tribe government and Meals for the Elderly Program. The corrupt OST is culturally incompatible and discriminates against the grassroots Lakota Oyate. The Lakota people have the right to their own cultural, political, and social institutions, free from interference, to make a good life for themselves and the future generations to come.


Action Alert distributed by:
Lakota Cante Tenza Okolakiciye – Strong Heart Warrior Society
Independent Lakota Nation
P.O. Box 512 Hill City, SD 57745
Canupa Gluha Mani 605-517-1547