Warrior Society Releases Another Tool to End Pine Ridge Elder Abuse

Lakota Warrior Society Releases Another Tool to Help End Elder Abuse “State of Emergency” on Pine RIdge

 Pine Ridge, SD and Washington DC – Continuing the Strong Heart Week of Action to End Elderly Abuse, the Strong Heart Warrior Society has released the second of three informational tools to assist government agency personnel and the general public in understanding the systemic patterns of elder abuse that are occurring at the hands of corrupt officials in the Oglala Sioux Tribe government.  Because of direct threats to the health, safety, and longevity of language-speaking and culture-keeping Lakota elders, the warrior society has issued an Elder Abuse State of Emergency.

The Cycle of Elder Abuse flowchart is a helpful tool in understanding the systemic and conspiratorial pattern of abuse and avoidance behaviors used by corrupt officials and families within the illegal Oglala Sioux Tribe Government  to establish and maintain control over grassroots Lakota elders. The cycle of elder abuse is a well-practiced conspiracy of corruption, abuse, and neglect that creates an oppressive atmosphere of fear and anxiety and furthers  inter-generational poverty, hopelessness, and genocide.



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