Lakota 500 Mile Sacred Hoop Run, June 24 – 29

SacredHoopRun2016FlyerCante Tenza is proud to support the Lays Bad family in the 34th Annual 500 Mile Sacred Hoop Run around the Black Hills.  The run begins tomorrow June 24th and continues to the 29th.  The 500 mile prayer run empowers Lakota youth with a strong Lakota identity while sharing traditional Lakota culture, language, and spirituality.

Thank you to the following for your support of the run:

  • Steve and his staff at Hardware Hank, Rapid City
  • Sandy in Rep. Kristi Noem’s office – $25
  • Senator John Thune’s office – printing
  • Gabril at Office Depot- printing
  • Rick Brady and Black Hills Community Bank – 15 cases water
  • Justin in the Baken Park Safeway
  • Venice and Josh  – shoes for the runners
  • Russell and Sound Pro – 5 cases gatorade
  • Family Thrift Center
  • Cindy Johnson and Connect Lumber Mart