2017 Strong Heart Pine Ridge Food & Clothing Drive is On!

Every fall the Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society delivers corn, beans, beets, potatoes, squash, and other vegetables to the traditional and grassroots people on Pine Ridge. Many of these people live out in the most rural areas and ravines and depend on these donations.

The fall food drive gives these grassroots Lakota the chance to can or pickle food to store for the lean winter months.

Strong Heart also harvests wild birds and distributes holiday meals if available including providing flour and other staples for foods like fry bread.

We also deliver new or lightly used warm winter clothes. We especially need new, quality winter clothing for children.

The Fall Food & Clothing Drive is in on! Please donate so we have the gas and materials to pick up donations from Nebraska, Utah, and surrounding areas that want to help the grassroots people. The time is now and for the next 2 months!

Your donations help support food security during the cold winter season and allow Strong Heart Warriors to continue to feed and support the traditional and grassroots Lakota. Hoka Hey!

Direct donations and questions on additional food donations can be directed to Strong Heart headman Canupa Gluha Mani at 605-517-1547.

All donors will receive a Red Cry CD or handmade Lakota artwork as a sign of our thanks!”

Pilamaye! Thank you!