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defendbannerOn Monday November 2nd 2015, corrupt Oglala Sioux Tribe officials gathered in a secret meeting and terminated respected Lakota elder Mary Felicia from her job as Site Director and cook for the Meals for the Elderly program in the Porcupine District for her outspoken advocacy of grassroots elders.

Mary’s politically motivated termination is only the most recent example of the graft and corruption that controls the Bureau of Indian Affairs Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) and the Meals for the Elderly program in particular. Greedy politicians and criminal families use programs like Meals for the Elderly to embezzle money and then exert abusive control over the real grassroots Lakota people furthering the system of colonial genocide.

U.S. Congressional representatives and agency bureaucrats go along with OST lies to avoid investigations that will reveal the truth about this corrupt and abusive system.

The elders have asked the Cante Tenza Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Independent Lakota Nation to seek accountability for these abuses with uncaring U.S. officials, the International Community, and others to promote change that will create a future for the grassroots people on Pine Ridge. Hoka Hey!

Action Alerts:

2/05/16: We Will Not Be Intimidated! Investigate Pine Ridge Now!

1/25/16: Week of Action; Call-in to Demand Investigations & Accountability

1/20/16: Pressure U.S. Officials to Investigate Lakota Elderly Meals Corruption!

11/16/15: Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Elder Abuse Must End Now!

11/11/15: Hold the Oglala Sioux Tribe Accountable for Elder Abuse!

11/ 04/15: Lakota Grassroots Elder Under Attack Again!

Press Releases:

1/29/16:  Lakota Warrior Society Declares Elder Abuse State of Emergency on Pine Ridge Reservation

1/25/16: Lakota Warrior Society Releases New Tool to Stop Reservation Elder Abuse “State of Emergency”

1/19/16: Outrage! Lakota Elders Denied Food by Oglala Sioux Tribe in Retaliation for Activism

1/19/16: Event – Lakota Warriors Give Red Cry Thursday in Washington D.C

1/12/16:  DC Press Conference – Lakota Elders, Warriors Demand Action from U.S. Congress on Ongoing Abuses

11/12/15: Grassroots Lakota Elders Give Oglala Sioux Tribe 1pm Friday Deadline for Elderly Meals Site Manager Reinstatement, Defy Retaliatory Abuse

11/10/2015: Wowasakeikcupi: Independent Lakota Nation Releases Matriarchal Supremacy Clause to Protect Grassroots Lakota Grandmothers and Elders

11/09/2015: Grassroots Lakota Elders Release Public Action Letter on Crisis in Elderly Meals

Official Documents & Educational Tools:

2/01/16: Letter/Fax/Email to HHS AOA Cynthia LaCounte –  Request Meeting Week of Feb 1 Regarding Investigation and Action into the Conditions in the Porcupine Elderly Meals Program

1/27/16: The Cycle of Elder Abuse Flowchart (PDF Info-Graphic)

1/25/16: Elder Abuse Power and Control Wheel (PDF Info-Graphic)

12/31/15 Lakota Grandmothers Letter Calling for Investigation

11/13/15 Porcupine Elder Demands

11/11/15 Tiger Brown Bull “Temporary Appointment” Memo

11/06/15: Wowasakeikcupi: Matriarchal Supremacy Clause

11/05/15: Letter to US Officials

Breaking News Updates:

1/22/16: Uncaring OST Officials Hold Elderly Meals Planning Meeting While Community Mourns Deaths

11/06/15: Desperate OST Feeds Inedible Meals to Elders (w/ photo)

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