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Strong Heart Video Interviews and Other Statements

Watch some of these videos or interviews here and see the links to others below.

9/12/16 How to Overthrow an Empire with Canupa Gluha Mani

1/15/16 Nightwolf Radio Show (Scroll down to the right date and click Play or Download. Canupa and Ana discuss the situation on Pine Ridge. Interview starts about 15 minutes in)

1/21/16 Thom Hartmann Show on Free Speech TV (Canupa begins at 2:05 discussing the situation on Pine Ridge)

Strong Heart Warriors Canupa Gluha Mani (Duane Martin Sr.) & Ninnishkidee Makwa (Earl Denny) Send a Message to Warriors of Other Nations.

A Message to Department of Justice Office of Tribal Justice Director Tracy Toulou from Duane Martin Sr. on behalf of his elders and grassroots people (June 2012)

In Loving Memory of a  Lakota Mother – Yvonne Jane Martin.   Yvonne was a fluent Lakota speaker and did not learn english until the early 1950s.

White Eagle Speaks TV With Canupa Gluha Mani and Cante Tenza Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society


Interviews with our brother Firewalker and Talking Stick Radio.

Jun 21, 2015: Rain Bow People versus The Lakota People 

May 24, 2015: Real Native Independence / Warrior Talk 

Mar 6, 2015: Canupa and Fire Walker | Lakota & Yamassee Independence 

Dec 16, 2014: Independent Domesticated Nations and White Priviledge | Fire Walker & Canupa 

Dec 8, 2014: United We Stand – Divided We Fall

Nov 27, 2014: Americas Success At Our Expense

Nov 26, 2014: Home of the Fee Land of the Slave | Fire Walker Canupa Gluha Mani

Nov 14, 2014: Divide and Conquer The Indian: FireWalker and Canupa

Nov 8, 2014 America is a Bully…FireWaker and Canupa :Lakota Pine Ridge Rez


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