Strong Heart Condemn Threats and Lies to Lakota Elders, Rainbow Members to Blame

Cante Tenza Okolakiciye – Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Independent Lakota Nation


Contact: Canupa Gluha Mani at 605-517-1547


Strong Heart Condemn Threats and Lies to Lakota Elders,  Rainbow Members to Blame

Updated Thursday June 25 6:49pm MST; Pine Ridge, SD – The Rainbow Gathering in the Black Hills is creating havoc on the Pine Ridge Reservation, enflaming division among groups of Lakota and resulting in verbal threats and lies intended to confuse and frighten Lakota elders. Elders are the foundation for Lakota sovereignty and independence and critical to the survival of the Lakota Nation.

On June 24th a press release was sent by the Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society on behalf of the Grandmother Khahtela Society since many traditional elders do not use the computer. The press release strongly condemned the actions of a group of Lakota youth and others whose public support of the Black Hills Rainbow Gathering has included public statements that are neglectful and derogatory to the health, welfare, and social standing of Lakota elders and the Lakota Nation itself.

But it wasn’t long before grandmothers began receiving a number of calls that misstated the press release in order to cause confusion. Some calls even involved death threats to at least one grandmother and her family. One caller identified themselves as a member of the Rainbow Family.

The Strong Heart Warrior Society strongly condemns efforts to confuse, denounce or intimidate traditional and grassroots elders who are acting for the good of the nation. This includes those people mentioned in the original release as well as others who may be acting on their behalf.

“Stop confusing and threatening our elders,” Strong Heart headman Canupa Gluha Mani said. “I’m standing up now to take all of this for the grandmothers – you call me if you have something to say to our elders!” Canupa Gluha Mani’s phone number is 605-517-1547.

Threats and intimidation of Lakota elders by people claiming to respect them one moment, but then neglecting and denouncing them in the next, causes emotional distress and deep pain for traditional and grassroots elders who already see their roles diminished and are abused by the illegal Oglala Sioux Tribe form of government. The destruction of the Tiyóspaye, or traditional Lakota extended family unit by colonization and the boarding school era, as well as the division between those that use and sell drugs and the largely anti-drug elders also contributes to this abuse.

The presence and defiant efforts of the Rainbow Family to prove their legitimacy for gathering in the Black Hills is enflaming the dynamics on Pine Ridge that harm elders. Despite this, Rainbow members continue to seek ways to interact with Lakota youth openly sharing drugs while using social media and phone calls to publicly dismissing, ridiculing Lakota elders and traditional representatives who have clearly communicated the Rainbow Family is not welcome in Lakota Territory.

We express our deepest apologies to Lakota grandmothers and their families who have faced death threats and abuse because of this stance against the gathering and the apparent networking of drug business that is occurring as a result.


Lakota Grandmother Society Sanctions Rainbow Supporters (updated)

Strong Heart denounces ALL attempts to threaten, coerce and divide Lakota elders as a means to protect US policy goals, illegal activity and personal gain harmful to the Lakota Nation itself.  Because of these threats and acts of division, we are temporarily removing this release from the site out of consideration for the health and welfare of said elders.  It will be returned to the site or amended shortly.

We steadfastly remind the world that traditional Lakota elders are the majority of Lakota people who still speak fluent Lakota and hold onto cultural traditions. They are vocal in speaking out against the corruption within the Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) Government and often face elder abuse in the forms of verbal abuse, neglect, physical assault, threats, and blacklisting from needed services like housing, healthy food, and funding for travel to receive medical care necessary for life. Despite these obstacles, these elders are the foundation for Lakota sovereignty and independence and critical to the survival of the Lakota Nation.

Cante Tenza Okolakiciye – Strong Heart Warrior Society




The Wrong Side of Honor & History

The Rainbow Family claims to have stood with Native people during the 1973 Wounded Knee Takeover and the  1969 -71 Occupation of Alcatraz.

In 2015, Rainbow Family in the Black Hills have chosen to side with a few Lakota opportunists backed by the modern day version of OST tyrant  Dickie Wilson and the GOON Squads in the silencing and elimination of  traditional and grassroots Lakota People and our cultural ways.



Contact Canupa Gluha Mani at 605-517-1547.  Time is of the essence so those within a day’s drive of Lakota Territory are urged to respond.

Press Release: Rainbow Gathering Faces Cease & Desist Order by Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council, Dismiss Lakota Elders for Drug Profit$

Cante Tenza Okolakiciye – Strong Heart Warrior Society


Attachments and Links:

Cease and Desist, Order to Appear  PDF Strong Heart Warrior Society & Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council

Lakota Solidarity Statement from members of the Rainbow Family

Social Media Statement from Rainbow founder Barry Plunker Adams

Contact Canupa Gluha Mani phone:  605-517-1547   Email:

Black Hills “Rainbow” Gathering Denounced, Given Cease & Desist Order by Warriors and Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council

Black Hills – What started out as a planned Rainbow festival of thousands in the Black Hills has come under fire from all directions culminating with a Cease & Desist order from the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council and delivered by the Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society in advance of efforts to remove the encampment from unceded Lakota Territory.

The Cease and Desist order follows the flagrant dismissal of traditional treaty council elders and warriors by the Rainbow Gathering who were handed a Notice of Complaint on June 15th denying their gathering in the Sacred Black Hills.

The denial is based on the failure of Rainbow members to follow traditional Lakota protocol in order to get permission to enter the Black Hills as well as the arrogant refusal to leave despite Lakota requests to do so. The Rainbow Family campers are also ordered to appear in front of Lakota Treaty Council elders to answer for their actions.

Despite an aggressive social media campaign by Rainbow members and a few Lakota youth encouraging people to come to the Black Hills, the gathering has been denounced by long-time Rainbow founders and the majority of participants who see the gathering as an attack on Lakota sovereignty and another opportunity for the corrupt Oglala Sioux Tribe Council and its cronies to further marginalize and silence traditional and grassroots Lakota elders and people.

But the Rainbow holdouts refuse to budge claiming a “spiritual vibe with the land” while flagrantly disrespecting the blood, sweat, and tears of traditional Lakota people who have fought for years to win back their unceded territory. Rainbow holdouts are even throwing the promise of money around using divide and conquer to win support of the Hill City Chamber of Commerce in a meeting tonight, but refusing to meet with traditional Lakota elders and Treaty Council members.

Because of these kinds of disrespectful actions, many Rainbow travelers are detouring to gathering locations in Michigan, California, and elsewhere. A group of Rainbow members are also standing with the traditional Lakota and are planning a “peace delegation” to visit the camp and encourage people to leave before Lakota warriors are forced to take action.

The role of marijuana business in this gathering is also being heavily scrutinized. Rainbow Family founder Barry Plunker Adams, many candid Rainbow members, and the Lakota Strong Heart Warriors have openly questioned the financial motives of Rainbow members who are refusing to leave the Black Hills and who are actively working with an Oglala Sioux Tribe that is eyeing legalization of alcohol and pot, and is used extensively by Pine Ridge drug gangs for protection and funding through embezzlement of U.S. funds intended for Pine Ridge’s poor people.

Strong Heart Warriors point out the use of an encampment in the Sacred Black Hills for drug business, and to create an open environment of drug use and partying is a desecration to the sacred mountains and destructive to the preservation and renewal of Lakota language and culture.  In a Monday statement they said, “How can we preserve our beautiful Lakota culture if we are despondent, dull, and distanced from ourselves through drugs and alcohol?”

They also call on Americans to stand with the real Lakota explaining, “The disrespectful and manipulative actions of a few rainbow Americans, coupled with the promise of profits from pot sales, are causing trauma and turmoil to Native nations who have done nothing and simply wish to be left alone.”


Standing Together With the Lakota Against the “Rainbow’ Gathering in the Black Hills



Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand has spoken on behalf of the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council, as their elected leader, that the “Rainbow Family” gathering is not welcome in the Black Hills.

He has called upon the Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society to enforce this decision and remove those participating in the gathering from Lakota territory. He has asked his nephew and Strong Heart headman, Canupa Gluha Mani to stand with James Swan in moving forward in this call of action, and with the Lakota Nation itself, to enforce international treaty law.

The warriors have been moving around the clock fulfilling the call of duty to serve their nation’s poor and impoverished people within the Great Sioux Nation. Many have tried to undermine this honorable stance as a result of division taking place within the nation – division driven by U.S. policies and personal agendas. Even short-sighted  members of the American Indian Movement have condemned them for making this stand on behalf of the Lakota nation’s poor and innocent grassroots peoples.

The historical use of intoxicants as a weapon to dull our people’s ability to preserve Lakota land and culture is well documented, as is our resistance to the disease of alcohol and drugs in our protests in White Clay, Nebraska.  One of the calls to action in this struggle in the Black Hills is to discipline and sanction the use of all drugs and alcohol within the territorial boundaries of Lakota’s international treaty lands as historically recognized and enforced by Lakota warriors and activists to protect Lakota people.

But the Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) Council – the corrupt puppet government of the United States – wants to legalize the sale of marijuana and alcohol within the reservation known as Pine Ridge, allowing a massive underground drug and bootlegging trade to operate in the open.  Members from the OST council have met with marijuana growers, and individuals colluding with the U.S. Government, that are doubling or posing as Rainbow Family.

The reasons for this meeting seem clear: to help further one another’s agenda.  The growers can use the “legitimacy” of the tribal government’s word to justify their dishonorable presence in the Black Hills and make a profit from current and future pot sales.  They have launched their own dis-information campaign to draw more people to the Black Hills and are even using Lakota youth to serve as “Rainbow ambassadors” to bring in more Lakota from the reservations.

The OST stands to profit by endorsing the Rainbow gathering. They earn support for legalization efforts, and make future business contacts for the web of drug gangs that use the OST for protection and funding. This so-called “government” is once again putting the desires and profits of individuals over the well-being of a nation.

The U.S. Government benefits by creating chaos and division within the Lakota nation and openly supporting OST’s dismissal of traditional Lakota people and their free and independent status. This erodes critical efforts at tribal sovereignty, preservation of language and culture, and reduces efforts at protecting innocent people from the damaging effects of corporate resource extraction and pipeline projects.

We also know of at least two other tribal members who are not a part of the tribal government who have been spreading lies about the motives of Strong Heart and aligning themselves against the wishes of the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council. They have brazenly spread the message it is alright to gather in the Black Hills without following traditional protocol. These persons should be held accountable for the act of bringing destruction on their own tribal members, including their own youth, in the quest for personal recognition or gain.

We are asking for the public to call Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand at 605-867-5762 and give him support and encouragement in sanctioning the following individuals who have sold out their people. These people are encouraging division and the disrespect of traditional protocols that protect a nation. Their unwise and unhealthy actions cannot continue to go on without comment. These individuals are:

John Yellow Bird Steele
Alex White Plume
Regina Brave
Leonard Little Finger
Russell Eagle Bear
Dennis Tacos Yellow Thunder
Michael Catches the Enemy
Garvard Good Plume
Leo Cordier
Storm Harris
Jess Rowland
James Hawk
Harold One Feather

We also call upon the Treaty Councils of the Great Sioux Nation, and other Indigenous nations, to stand with the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council in sanctioning these individuals above who have acted in detriment to the well-being of the Lakota Nation.   Contact Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand at 605-867-5762 with your support.

Sadly, the Great Sioux Nation has already allowed one eastern sister band to legalize marijuana in detriment to it’s own people. This legislation only adds to the devastating drug addiction epidemic that is present in these regions and is killing our people. How can we preserve our beautiful Lakota culture if we are despondent, dull, and distanced from ourselves through drugs and alcohol?


For those who consider themselves as American People, we ask you to consider these words and forward this message to your family, friends, and organizations:

As Americans, when will we stand together to stop the uncaring attitudes and behaviors that forces this country’s own indigenous people to kill each other?  When is enough, enough?  When do we accept the shame for killing off our last indigenous peoples that have done no wrong to our grandfathers and grandmothers, or our children?  If we are honest, we as Americans are to blame regardless of what side of the fence we stand on. Regardless of our political affiliation, we urge other Americans to take a stand and fight the real fight to save the indigenous peoples and their homeland. If we are really true patriotic Americans then lets act like real Americans and stop all of this racial bigotry that we impose upon the last real remaining freedom fighters that have done no wrong to us.

Remember, the violation of traditional Lakota cultural protocols is what escalated into the illegal entry into the Black Hills of this gathering – what can be seen as delinquent youth and arrogant individuals taking the lead of false Rainbow leaders. This has turned into something quite different than a gathering about “love” and “peace” with long-time Rainbow founders and participants openly denouncing what is happening in the Black Hills.  The disrespectful and manipulative actions of a few rainbow Americans, coupled with the promise of profits from pot sales, are causing trauma and turmoil to Native nations who have done nothing to us, and simply wish to be left alone. As  tax-paying Americans we have a responsibility because we helped create this problem. The only ones we see staying true to their belief so far, are the real warriors that are fighting the real fight against their own destruction.  We must support them.

How can we help? One thing that can be done is to call Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand at 605-867-5762 and ask him to sanction the people listed in this letter for selling out their own people. The people on the OST tribal council have sold out their people by ignoring the Lakota nation’s free and independent status and seemingly accepted bribes from pot growers with a personal agenda.

Other individuals that have sided with the fake “rainbow” gathering in the Black Hills are doing their own part to undermine the Lakota nation’s free and independent status whether it be willingly, or not.  They must also be held accountable.

Let’s call our Senators and Representatives and tell them we support the Lakota asserting their sovereign rights in the Black Hills to protect their people.  We stand with them.

  • Senator John Thune phone in Rapid City is  (605) 348-7551. His toll-free number is (866) 850-3855
  • Senator MIke Rounds phone in Rapid City is (605) 343-5035. His toll-free number is (844) 875-5268
  • Representative Kristi Noem in Rapid City is (605) 791-4673. Her toll-free number is (855) 225-2801

If we stand together, we can stop this fake “rainbow” gathering and support the traditional Lakota people.  It’s the right thing to do.

Lakota Situation Summary for the Rainbow Family


This educational document was requested by members of the Rainbow Family to share among those who are not understanding of the situation in the Black Hills and with the Lakota Oyate.


The matriarchal Tetuwan Lakota Oyate have never relinquished nation status. The assertion of sovereign Lakota political, economic, and cultural identity within our territory has been continually maintained through our matriarchal system and other customary political and cultural institutions like treaty and judicial councils, elder societies, and warrior societies. This is the real Lakota.

The Lakota People have the right to assert independent status and sovereign jurisdiction over our territory under International Law such as the 1961 and 1969 Vienna Convention on Treaties, 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 2007 Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and in U.S. law under Article VI of the United States Constitution.

If the Rainbow Family does not honor Lakota sovereignty then they are endorsing U.S. colonization of Lakota territory and genocide of our people.


Despite the intentional killing of free Lakota people, the forced movement of our people onto agency lands (reservations), and, a sell-or-starve policy by the United States Government, the sacred Black Hills has never been ceded by the Lakota People. In 1980, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized the Black Hills had been illegally stolen from the Lakota. The Black Hills is not U.S. National Forest, park land, public land, or America. The Black Hills is Lakota territory!

The Rainbow Family has no special right, entitlement, or privilege to gather in the Black Hills.


The Oglala Sioux Tribal (OST) Government system was created by the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) and was illegally forced upon our people by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Oglala Sioux Tribe is controlled by non-traditional mixed-blood indians and is culturally incompatable with traditional matriarchal, family-based Lakota culture.

The OST is ruled through corruption, embezzlement, fraud, and nepotism. Beginning in the early 1970s, the OST has been used to attack and eliminate full-blood, traditional, and grassroots Lakota people. This corruption and violence precipitated the 1973 Wounded Knee Takeover and continues today.

Rainbow Family collaboration with the Oglala Sioux Tribe is the same as working with the U.S. Government to destory authentic Lakota sovereignty and culture.


The genocidal conditions of life created by the U.S. Government and the OST have created an epidemic of drugs and alcohol use among our people. The situation is so critical that elders must often chain their refrigerators shut so that their food will not be stolen and exchanged for drugs or alcohol. Hopelessness fuels a teen suicide rate over 150% times the U.S. average.

Drug and alcohol gang members openly work within OST to embezzle money from U.S. contracts that are desperately needed for the poor Lakota people to fund housing, food, and medical care. This money funds their drug trade and is used to bribe tribal council members, BIA officials, and law enforcement into protecting this corrupt system.

When Lakota people courageously speak out against this corrupt system, they face retaliation and are blacklisted from OST government services necessary for life including housing, healthy food, winter propane, and funds for critical medical proceedures like dialysis. Elders in their 70s, 80s, and 90s are threatened with assault, false imprisonment, and even murder. They face constant mental anguish for seeking a better life for their Lakota people.

Inside sources tell us the decision to hold a gathering in the Black Hills is being fueled by financial motives of at least one large pot grower in the Rainbow Family. This is a direct assault on Lakota people.


Unscrupulous or ignorant people among the Rainbow Family may find a group or individual that will say or do what they like. These individuals may offer ceremony, claim to share Indigenous ‘wisdom’, or give permission for activities and ceremonies when they do not have the Lakota people’s authority to do so. This often results in cultural confusion, cultural appropriation and theft, and real Lakota issues and voices being silenced. Only listening to the voices you want to hear dishonors Lakota cultural protocols, creates division, and hurts Lakota people further.  The Lakota have a saying, “An individual does not speak for a nation – the nation speaks for the individual.”

Elders and leaders from traditional Lakota governing societies have clearly told the Rainbow Family they are not welcome in the Black Hills. We urge  the  Rainbow Family to leave the Black Hills now and denounce those that stay!  Stand in solidarity with the traditional Lakota people!

No Means No

We are hearing on the ground the Rainbow Family is finally realizing they have screwed up.  But in classic white supremacist fashion, they continue to try and set the terms for their continued occupation of Lakota Territory.  They want to stay and make ammends “on the land”.

That’s not how it works. The Rainbow Family has been given an order to leave the Black Hills. They are in open violation of Lakota Order, currently trespassing on Lakota land,  guilty of verbally abusing Lakota elders and representatives, and then lying about it to other Rainbows who are not on the land.  This must stop.


ACTION ALERT: Stand With Traditional Lakota People Under Attack in the Black Hills

Lakota Cante Tenza Okolakiciye – Strong Heart Warrior Society

June 18, 2015

For Immediate Release and Action!  Share Widely!

The Lakota Nation has never relinquished nation status and the sacred Black Hills is unceded Lakota territory. While many of the Rainbow Family have realized it is inappropriate to hold a  Rainbow Gathering in the Black HIlls,  a smaller Rainbow group is allowing themselves to be used by the United States Government and the illegal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Oglala Sioux Tribe Government (OST) who are very intentionally attacking Lakota sovereign jurisdiction and traditional Lakota people. They want Lakota warriors and the Rainbow Family to fight so they can arrest Lakota activists and interfere with efforts to assert sovereignty.  This is nothing more than continued warfare waged against traditional and grassroots Lakota people and Indigenous rights.

The Lakota people have a natural right, under International Law, to exercise sovereign jurisdiction, customary law, and our traditional political, economic, and social institutions free from interference. This includes the rights to control our territory and exercise our traditional governmental institutions such as treaty councils, judicial councils, and warrior societies.

1. We call upon all those who are friends of the traditional and grassroots Lakota people to hold accountable the United States Government through its National Forest Service and National Park Service. Demand they end their unlawful protection of those Rainbow Family and campers who are violating orders of the traditional Lakota people.  Contact:

  • U.S. Forest Service Black Hills director Craig Bobzien phone   (605) 673-9200,  fax: (605) 673-9350, email to
  • U.S. Forest Service Washington DC Chief Tom Tidwell phone (202) 205-8439 and email to  Copy Tina Baily at
  • U.S. Park Service Mount Rushmore Superintendent Cheryl Schreier at (605)-574-3131 and     

Tell them they are bound by U.S. and International Law to uphold the lawful orders of the Black Hills Sioux Treaty Council, Tetuwan Judicial Council, and Independent Lakota Nation of the traditional and grassroots Lakota Oyate.

2.     Contact the South Dakota Congressional representatives.

  • Senator John Thune (605) 348-7551 and toll-free (866) 850-3855
  • Senator MIke Rounds  (605) 343-5035 and toll-free (844) 875-5268
  • Representative Kristi Noem (605) 791-4673 and toll-free (855) 225-2801

Tell them they legally obligated to respect the traditional government and sovereign jurisdiction of the Lakota people. Ask them to put pressure on the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Park Service to stop going against traditional Lakota orders. (They are all in Pine Ridge on Thursday June 18).

3.  Contact President John Steele of the BIA Oglala Sioux Tribe  and Vice President Tom Poor Bear.

  • OST Tribal President John Steele 605-867-4021; email to
  • OST Vice-President Tom Poor Bear  605-867-4009; email:

Tell them to stop being agents with the U.S. Government and  listen to the traditional elders and people who wishes are not being respected.  Ask him to withdraw OST invitation from the Rainbow Family as elders and warriors in the Black Hills Treaty Council, Tetuwan Judicial Council, and Strong Heart Warrior Society have demanded.

4.  The Rainbow family must not allow themselves to be used as agents of the United States Government and the genocidal BIA Tribal Government System.  Stand with people like Daniel Suelo and members of the Rainbow Family in boycotting a gathering in South Dakota and withdrawing people who are already there.

Lakota Cante Tenza Okolakiciye – Strong Heart Warrior Society
Independent Lakota Nation
P.O. Box 512 Hill City, SD 57745
Canupa Gluha Mani 605-517-1547

Lakota Issue Notice of Complaint to Rainbow Family; Deny Black Hills Entry

Hill City – The Lakota Tetuwan Judiciary Council and the Cante Tenza Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Independent Lakota Nation have issued a Notice of Complaint to the Rainbow Family and the Rainbow Gathering denying them entry into the Sacred Black Hills.

Using Article I of the 1868 Treaty of Ft. Laramie known as the “Bad Man Clause”, Lakota warriors will exercise sovereign jurisdiction over their traditional territory to remove any encampments and hold the Rainbow Family in custody until they can be handed over to United States officials for treatment.   Monetary damages will be sought.

The Cante Tenza Strong Heart Warriors and the Tetuwan Judicial Council are also pointing a finger at the Bureau of Indian Affairs Oglala Sioux Tribe Government who once again illegally refused to consult traditional elders before entering into negotiations with the Rainbow Family group.

This action highlights the complete breakdown of government with Pine Ridge Reservation resulting in one government for those connected to the BIA system, and additional poverty, violence, and lack of representation to traditional and grassroots Lakota people.

The United States Forest Service and the Department of Justice are also being scrutinized for their failure to recognize and protect sovereign Lakota lands in the Black Hills- especially during ceremony time when so many Lakota are traveling and participating in Sundance and other ceremonies necessary for Lakota health and survival.  A gathering of the Rainbow Family may have over 20,000 people and is known for the rampant nudity and drug use that accompany such gatherings. This would disrupt and dissuade Lakota ceremonial practices in the Black Hills.




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